Perhaps I’m a simple man …

November 30, 2007


I was sitting around a table last night when someone offered up some fashion advice for an upcoming occasion.  It was determined that jeans would be totally appropriate, but then there was a caveat.  “Nice jeans, of course.”  Huh!?

At the risk of sounding hopelessly out of step with current fashion trends, I’m sticking with my 501s.  They’ve worked with me pretty much since I was four.  Sure, they had their down period during that Swabby period in the mid 70s and the Brittania period whenever that was.  I didn’t stray then and I’m not going to now.

The human color-separator

November 14, 2007


Chuck Close is probably my favorite artist.  Without a doubt, his way of looking at things has influenced my own art more than any other artist.  In fact, when I look at his work, especially his more recent full-color paintings and some of his prints (like the scribble etching at left), it seems to me that his brain is simply wired in a very different way.  We rely on computers to scan images and separate colors — usually into 4-color process.  But Close does it intuitively, and instead of four colors, he’s picking apart many, many more colors and them putting them back together again.

Pace Prints just opened a new show of Chuck Close prints at their gallery on East 57th Street in New York.  When a new show opens with Close’s paintings, they are all sold before the show ever opens.  And at prices well into the seven figures, his work is selling to mostly museums and major collectors.  But this show is different.  Because they are fine art prints, the prices are simply in the mere four or five figures.  Check out the gallery of his prints (and prices).  I really think someday we’ll look back and say that — even at these prices — getting an original Close was a steal.