Goodbye Paul

February 27, 2008

paul-tilleyI’m sitting here in a hotel room in Chicago after attending a memorial for Paul Tilley today.

I hesitate to write about this because there has been so much written about Paul already on a number of ad blogs before and after his death.  I don’t wish to add any more fuel to that here.

But given that I write this blog, to say nothing could be construed in the wrong way.  So I will just say this.  Though Paul and I were not close friends, we saw each other regularly in our respective roles as creative leaders of our DDB offices.  Paul was big in every way.  He had a big voice, a big laugh and a big personality.  And he was just plain big.  He certainly was a great, motivating, insightful creative director to many.  To others, he was likely demanding and seemingly unreasonable.  When it comes to the highly subjective nature of creativity and his position, it simply comes with the territory.

Anyone who knew Paul had many stories to tell about him.  He was that kind of guy.  We heard a lot of those stories today.

This loss is so sad and senseless.  We all seem to seek rationality for what is ultimately a highly irrational act.  This world will miss you, Paul.